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I From Panama;
I LOVE to read..
My favorite books are:
Brida, las valkirias, diario de un mago,
el alquimista and the best: El zahir
My favorite writer is Paulo Coelho..
I LOVE the music:
My favorite bands are:
Sleeping with sirens
Pierce the veil
Never shout never
Foster the people
Secondhand serenade
G&R, Skid Row, Iran Maiden,
You me at six, MMF, coldplay,
Mayday parade, Lifehouse, Tonight alive...!
I love my Bestfriend;SILG
I love My superbestfriend:IGCR¨
But,The most Important is that I Love My boyfriend! 9/3/13; He makes me happy with the simple done of existing!


Posted: Mie Mayo 8
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